Dog Man Series by Dav Pilkey

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I could give the Dog Man series five stars just for getting my son to fall in love with reading! To be fair, he loved books for a long time, but when he discovered Dog Man in first grade, he skated through all the books one-by-one in no time. We bought him a complete set for Christmas one year, and he is always very aware of when the next one comes out because he just can't wait to read it. He's read all of them multiple times and laughs every single time.

Dog Man is a graphic novel series that is written in the voices of George and Harold from Pilkey's other hit, Captain Underpants, and I love how you can see how the pictures and spelling improve over time as the two pals apparently grow older. In the first book, a police officer and a police dog are involved in a tragic accident while serving on the force. Doctors discover that the only way to save them is to merge them into one being with a dog's head and a man's body. Dog Man continues to serve on the police force, often saving the town, but also frustrating the police chief with his doggie ways.

This is a delightful graphic novel series that young children all over just adore. Whether it's the potty humor, witty banter, or silly pictures, many children will fall in love with Dog Man (and reading) when they dive into the stories. Dav Pilkey is a clever author and illustrator, and his books are perfect for fun kids who like funny stories (and parents are sure to love the "punny" book titles).

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