The Wild Robot Protects by Peter Brown


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

In the second book, Roz was reunited with her son on the island, which is where we find her in The Wild Robot Protects. Though a robot, she still seems to have empathy and care for not just her son, but for all the animals on the island. Her son, Brightbill, grow up, and we watch as Roz's relationship with her gosling son, Brightbill, changes as he grows up and does not need her like he once did. It's the classic tale of the baby bird leaving the nest. 

However, as with all parents, her job as a mother is never done. When a seal warns the island animals of poisonous water, Roz finds herself spring into action to help save the waters and save not just the animals on her island, but all animals.

The Wild Robot Protects take on the theme of protecting the environment and recognizing how our actions can affect others. This book, like the previous two, is full of adventure as Roz interacts with animals and humans and strives to make the world safer for everyone. 

This book has the potential to lead to important conversations with children about how we can use empathy to think aout our actions, our needs, and the needs of others. My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to anyone invested in the journeys of Roz and Brightbill. Children who care deeply about the planet and environment will also likely enjoy reading a hopeful story about how we can alter our actions to save the earth.

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